Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What did I plant there?

How many times have we planted our seeds in the early spring and a week later forgotten what we planted where? This has been a common practice of mine. I've tried sticking the seed packet near the row or section I planted but with spring comes rain and those packets seldom survive the dirt, rain, and sun.

One think that works fairly well is collecting the plastic card holders that come with flower arrangements just insert the seed packet where the card would normally go and stick it in the ground by your newly planted seeds. If you don't get a lot of flowers sent to you ask your friends or family to save theirs for you. Another option is talk to your local florist and see if you could purchase a dozen card holders from them - most will be will to sell them to you for a couple dollars a dozen.

Another option I've used for some time involves 'Ziploc bags' I am convinced there is a never ending list of uses for Ziplocs (I learned this from my Mom). The sandwich or snack sizes work great just pop your seed packet in a bag, zip it, and place it beside your seed row. You do want to make sure you don't lay it on top of seeds you planted though and I like to add a small rock to the back before closing - this keeps the wind from blowing the bag and packet away.

A third method that works wonderfully for marking your seeds is pop-cicle sticks. Of course first you'll want to eat the pop-cicle but once that done wash the wooden stick, using a permanent marker label such as 'carrots', 'lettuce', or 'radishes' and stick it in the ground. These last for several seasons and are simple to store in the winter - I just collect them in the fall, wash and dry, then place in a zip-lock bag to store with my gardening tools.

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