Monday, June 1, 2009

Garden Tip - Protecting Young Plants

I’m going to kick this off with one of my favorite garden tips. This tip is particularly helpful for those of us who live in the northern climate concerned about the ‘late frosts’. When putting out new plants or seeds protect them with ‘mini-greenhouses.

My personal favorites are Sunny D plastic jugs but you can use plastic milk jugs, or any other plastic container that isn’t colored. If you can see whatever it is it originally held then it will work.

Cut the bottoms off the jugs or bottles (I like to clean them first so the ‘stuff’ doesn’t dribble on me as I’m cutting. If you cut as close to the bottom as possible you can continue to use your ‘greenhouse’ as the plant grows.

Now all you have to do is plant what ever it is your going to grow as usual and then place a ‘greenhouse’ over it. The greenhouse will protect the new plant from frosts, helps to hold moisture on the plant, and will help deter critters from getting to the young garden plants.

Depending on how large a garden you have you may want to start saving your containers through the winter or get your friends and family to donate theirs when garden planting time nears.

Special Note: Last year I did a test and plants under Sunny D bottles grew twice as fast as ones under plastic milk jugs. All I can figure is the type of plastic used lets in more sunlight or the thicker plastic keeps the temperature more uniform from day to night.

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