Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dish Soap Fights Ants

This tip comes from a friend of mine on myLot (a social network I'm active on). Thank you ThinkingOutLoud I truely appreciate your help and the tip you can be sure I will be using it myself.

"I hope you won't mind if I interject but I have a suggestion -- try Sunlight dish soap (yep the one in the yellow bottle that has been around "forever").

My mom was an avid gardener and had a huge flower garden that became a bit of a sensation in her neighborhood. She was so proud of it and rightfully so. She taught me to use Sunlight for a few things -- put a good quantity in a sprayer and add warm water (I've seen recommendations to add a bit of oil to this mix but I never do that). Spray this on flowers, plants, bushes, she even used it on her hedges against pests. Worked beautifully.

I also use it very successfully in a small watering can to combat ants on my patio. I make up the mix and pour it into all the crevices between my patio stones. Takes care of the ants and ant hills for usually about two weeks max. No matter what you use it for, you obviously have to repeat the process regularly but it's really affordable (much cheaper than a lot of the commercial products I used to try) ... just a small investment in time.

We have a pesticide ban in my town so we have to find our own solutions. I'm not sure why Sunlight works... as I've mentioned in other discussions here, maybe citrus content? Not sure - but I rely on it:)"

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