Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Gardening and My back is Killing me!

I'm Gardening and My back is Killing me!

How many times have we gardeners said this 'my back is killing me'? All too often if using the traditional gardening method of digging up the dirt, putting out the plants or seeds, weeding through-out the year, then harvesting.

Today’s gardening tip won't solve all of these problems but it can help with one - planting seeds. If you plant from seed over any size of an area you know how back killing this gardening task can be. How about making your very own seed planter?

All you need is a section of PVC pipe, 1/2 inch works great. This can be purchased at your local hardware or lumber store very inexpensively if you don't have some lying around and it will last for years and years to come.

You will want the pipe to be long enough so you can comfortably hold it without bending. To get the proper length just put your elbow at your side and reach your hand out as if to shake hands - that is where you will want to hold the pipe. Measure from your hand to the ground and add 4-6 inches.

Now as you walk down your garden row simply place the bottom of the pipe where you want your seed, drop one or two seeds down the pipe and then use the end of the pipe to cover the seed with soil. Tah Dah! You’re now planting seeds without breaking your back. You can add a fancy handle by using a pipe tee or a funnel to the top but they are not at all necessary and personally are just added weight that is not needed.

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