Thursday, April 29, 2010


Recycle yard and food wastes to make compost. Compost, that dark and crumbly soil amendment, offers special bonuses. It strengthens the soil structure, making it more porous for such beneficial creatures as earthworms and better able to hold water and nutrients. It creates a healthier environment for beneficial fungal and bacterial activity.

Even better, you can make compost out of leftovers. With a composter established, add leaves and flowers from your yard along with vegetable trimmings, fruit peels and coffee grounds from your kitchen. Turn the compost pile every few weeks to aerate it and keep it moist in dry weather, and it will be odor-free and ready to enrich your yard.

A word of warning on composting DO NOT put meat products in your compost bin or pile. The fatty acids attract maggots and other nasty things that will render your compost useless for your yard or garden.

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